ECCC 2012

It was pretty awesome! This weekend was my first time having a table at a con, and I think I’m addicted. Everyone who came by was super nice (maybe a little too nice… what’s their angle?). Thanks to everyone who took a minute to look through my stuff, and especially to the people who bought commissions, they were a blast to work on!

Speaking of said commissions, here’s one of them. The second one I didn’t get a chance to photograph, unfortunately. So until a scanned version pops up, here’s a blurry, badly lit photo of Delirium, from Neil Gaiman’s Sandman series.

Still Sketchin’

Hey all,

Haven’t been around for a while! I’ve been super busy with Wasteland for Oni Press, and a few other small projects. I finished up my first issue a week or so ago, so look for it around June this year!

I haven’t had a chance to do much drawing for myself, and certainly nothing finished enough to subject anyone’s eyeballs to. So here’s one somewhat whole sketch from the other day

Eyowyn Vs The Nazgul

I was working on this one for WAAAAAY too long. I originally started this one to enter into a contest, but still wasn’t happy with it when the deadline rolled along. I submitted it, but kept picking at it for months afterwards. It’s mostly watercolor, with a good deal of it painted over in gouache. The original is 19 by 13.

Dog Soldiers

This is my favorite werewolf movie. Actually Neil Marshall, the writer/director of this one, has another movie in my top favorite horror movies: The Descent. Which, coincidentally, will be my next illustration in the horror series!


This is one of the first horror movies that got to me, kinda stuck in my head for days. I remember The Chatterer cenobite creeping me out really bad. And The Butterball cenobite… well I’m pretty sure I knew him in gradeschool, He tried to sell me porno mags he stole from his parents.

This was my first time using Sumi ink, the traditional stick form that you have to grind. I gotta say: I think I’m in love. It’s got much better flow than india ink, and the washes come out a slightly warm neutral gray. Awesome stuff.

Tch tch tch ah ah ah

Friday the 13th these movies hold a place in my heart…. for some odd reason. They’re terrible, but Jason Vorhees is inexplicably my favorite slasher villain. So here’s a tribute!

I know I said I’d post one a day… ugh. I started a werewolf piece, after watching Dog Soldiers. The drawing got out of control, and became a painting. So I decided I’d watch a whole bunch of werewolf movies, and capture the gist of them in one piece. I feel like I should wait for a full moon to unveil it, but being in Seattle, God only knows when I’ll see the moon again.


I watched Return of the Living Dead last night, and found myself pleasantly surprised. Cheezy as hell of course, being a low budget zombie comedy from the 80′s, but it had some surprisingly good characters, and some great zombie designs. Here’s Tar-man, designed by William Stout

I’ll get one horror themed drawing posted daily, until Halloween is upon us!